October 23, 2014

How to hide your IP Address

Are you concerned about privacy on the internet?

Then anonymous Web browsing, the ability to surf the Web without being tracked, is for you.
At http://www.hide-your-ip-address.com you will find the best solution to hide your ip address which is untraceable even by the best IT experts.

By using a software to hide your IP Address this will make your internet traffic to appear from countries like USA or UK even if you are in another country, this is a real help to someone who wants to access websites like: Hulu, Pandora, ABC, NBC, BBC, ITV and many more...

There are many benefits of hiding your IP Address:

1. Provides a layer of security and anonymity
2. Secure connection between your PC and the Internet 

3. You can access websites restricted to US or UK residents
4. Anonymous Internet Surfing
5. Security for Hot spot Wireless Access Users

When you are using a software which hide your IP Address like the VPN software offered by HideMyAss - CLICK HERE to access www.hidemyass.com )  it is created a very strong connection, known as a "Tunnel".  All data in this "Tunnel" is encrypted so that only you and the service provider know the contents of what is being sent and the websites that you have accessed. The data is encrypted to 128 Bits which is an excellent level of security whilst maintaining good levels of performance, even on older machines and lower powered devices such as Phones and Net books.

Although the software program has a very high level of advanced technologie, using the software is as simple as a single click. 

A VPN not only protects you against the threats but also keeps your privacy intact.

Check out the VPN provided by HideMyAss and Save 43% 
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