How to bypass file sharing site waiting time

If you have ever downloaded multiple files from sites like Rapidshare,, or  you will find that your waiting times get increasingly larger as you download files or even you can not download the next file unless if you wait at least 30 min.

Sites like these uses cookies to track and set waiting time before you could request another download. When you download for the first time, it place cookies set with a time value in your web browser. When next you try to download and the cookie waiting time set in your browser hasn’t expired, you get an error message that you should either wait for the specified time to elapse or upgrade to a premium plan.

After making your first download, you need to clear the cookies from your web-browser (Mozilla, Chrome, Opera) than you are able to make another download.

If this doesn`t works, than the download restrictions is set on your IP Address.

You can bypass those restrictions if you are using a VPN that masks your network’s IP address and you appear as if you are a new visitor of the website so you can start downloading.

There are many VPN providers but nobody beat HideMyAss because of these:

- they have data-centers in 105 countries in the world, so you can choose any IP Address in any country as you wish , they have more than 90.000 IP Addresses to choose from.
- no bandwidth restrictions
- three most common protocols: LLTP, L2TP and OpenVPN (it is easy to change between them)
- they have software available for all major operating system (Windows and Mac, Apple & Android devices)
- they allow 2 simultaneous connections (it is something that’s not very common)

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