How to bypass the Omegle ban

Omegle is an anonymous chat website that allows you to chat to anonymous people. You are not required to register at the site to chat and therefore any ban will be based on the IP address used by you to access the chat site. 

Omegle have recently introduced a new feature that monitors video chats and spammers but this measure has increased the number of people who are getting banned from Omegle. 

The easiest trick to bypass Omegle ban is as follows:

  • Delete History of your webbrowser. You must delete Omegle cookies and you can do this very easy in FireFox (go to Tool Bar - History - Clear recent history) or simply press  Ctrl+Shift+Delete and the following window appear on your screen.

  • The next step is to restart your web-browser (just close and open again your web-browser)
  • You need a new IP Address and the easiest way to have a new IP Address is by using a VPN service (Virtual Private Network). In this way your IP address is replaced with another IP address and in the same time a VPN provide you an encrypted tunnel between you and the company renting the VPN. 
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  • Connect to a  VPN server (by using HideMyAss you can choose from more than 90,000 IP Addresses from any country in the world)

  •  Visit the Omegle website and you will have access the video chat feature again.

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