What is an IP Address


If you’ve never set up your computer to browse the internet anonymously you may be asking what is an IP address?
IP is the short for Internet Protocol which is a numerical value assigned to each computer which can be found by other devices.

So what does that mean?
Basically an IP address is the fingerprint or identity of your computer. An IP Address is a series of numbers that will appear as

There are two different types of IP addresses

* Static IP address means that your IP Address will consistently be the same set of numbers. For example if your IP address is  it will always be those numbers and never change, it will always be  a record of every site you have visited and your activity on the website will always be traced back to your computer.

Dynamic IP address means that your IP Address is changing everytime when you connect to the Internet 
How to determine whether you have a static or dynamic IP Address?
This is as simple as connecting to the internet.
1) Access this website http://www.hide-your-ip-address.com and you will see that your IP Address is displayed in the upper-right corner of the screen.
2) Disconnect from the Internet and reconnect
3) Refresh the website and see if your IP Address is different to your first visit.
 Whether you have a dynamic or static IP address is completely determined by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). There is programs that can change your IP from static to dynamic, however they are very unreliable and will often just ruin your internet settings and take you offline altogether.
Internet Service Providers have the ability to change your IP address from a dynamic to a static and vice versa, however most Internet Service Providers will ask you to put in writing why you need it changed and it is very rare that they will accept your reason or change the type of IP address you have. In most cases an Internet Service Provider will actually assume you’re a hacker just for asking for it to be changed, so unless you have an amazing reason don’t expect them to change it.

So how can you change or hide your IP address safely so your activity on the internet isn’t recorded? You need a proxy or VPN service.

As we have already discussed abut differences between a Proxy and VPN, so we asume that you already know that a VPN is much more better than a proxy server and you don`t need to Google through hundreds of websites, we recommend you the best VPN provider.
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