How you can find someones location on Omegle ?

      Omegle is one of the best random video chat website to talk with online strangers. Omegle video chat uses a UDP connection directly between the two IP addresses and does not pass through Omegle's servers that`s why it is possible to find the IP address of the other PC
       All we have to do is to use a software program that allows you to analyse your network traffic and fortunately with a simple Google search you can find a few hundreds of similar tools. In its simple form a packet sniffer captures all of the packets of data that pass through a given network interface.

      The most known "packet sniffing" is Wireshark (previously known as Ethereal) , a program that you can download from here - 

      Once you talk with the other person through Omegle , just launch the program and Filter the packages to display only the UDP Protocol and you are done! It will be something like in the picture below:

      In the list you will see a lot of numbers (IP Addresses) but if you look more carefully you will see 2 IP Addresses that appear most often. One of the IP Address is yours and the other IP Address is the IP Address of the „Stranger“ to whom you are talking .

     Once you know the other IP address all you have to do to find the location is to check the IP address in a website similar like  or  and ... "Bingo!"

You can avoid this to happen if you are using a VPN as it is advertised at

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